Disable error reporting | PHP

This function is sued for setting the error reporting level at runtime. To completely disable error reporting, the value is ‘0’ zero. syntex:


Other kind of error reporting levels

Using combinations of error levels Example:

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Do it simpler : Image thumbnail and resize in PHP

One of the common complex task among webdevelopers is image resizing. It is a big headach when using multiple size images in multiple pages of a single version of image. For long I was using a an script that would create one thumnail version of the image when the image is uploaded. It was not…

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jQuery Quick News Fader

jQuery content fade (rotate/slide) plugin is a multipurpose jQuery tool for displaying content. This is a great tool to present news, events, announces, press releases, and other content to your website page. Features Light-weight, fast and simple. Auto/Manual rotate. Customizable animation speed. Control key for previouse/next/pause/play. Use your own CSS. Multiple item in a single…

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Using node_save in drupal 7 with CCK fields

If you are a Drupal developer, you probably know how to save a node using node_save() function. I am coming across saving node with CCK fields so often. I had no any issue while on the D6. First time on the Drupal 7, it hurt me lot leaving CCK field blank when saving where I…

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Escaping ‘%’ in MySQL LIKE statement when sprintf

I wanted to run a SQL query against MySQL database server which contains search string and need to be formated using sprintf. The problem arise when format. It is because of the sign “%” am using to advance my search term. The query was…

Here where the error fires. Thanks God, I found the…

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